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Oh man, look at those artifacts and lens flares.

Oh man, look at those artifacts and lens flares.

One thing I wanted to bring to the Death Cab for Cutie concert was my camera. I know exactly what I wanted: my Nikon D60 with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. And I was right, I really wanted it, the stage would have fit perfectly in the field of view from where I was sitting.

Except that no bags or cameras were allowed. Of course this probably only meant dSLR cameras since the only photographers there probably had clearance. I resorted to drastic measures.

I used my cameraphone.

In a way I sort of like using it, it is so much simpler and the restrictions make all of the photos have a very clear simplified subject. It works well for graffiti and signs, however a concert posed several challenges; namely the darkness, the lights and the zoom.

The concert was pretty good, I was sitting with a bunch of friends and it was fairly relaxed. The music was alright, I did not start out as a fan and only found a few of their songs I really liked. For the cost it was a superb concert.

The lighting with the bit of smoke/fog in the events center would have made some killer light trails or long exposures. That and the field of cell phones screens held up in lieu of lighters.

Or maybe they were taking photos like myself.

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