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My grandma needed help opening up Zip files so I was about to recommend Stuffit Expander.

Then I realized how much that is a bad piece of advice.

She would need to fill out a web form, respond to an e-mail, give her e-mail again and then download the file. After that she would get spam e-mails from them until the end of time.

Instead I recommended The Unarchiver. A simple download and I hope an easy solution to opening Zip files (and potentially others down the road).

Never again will I download Stuffit Expander based on the unending e-mails they are sending me.


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A majestic creature standing tall on his perch.

A majestic creature standing tall on his perch.

I feel that my life right now could be summarized through this comic.

Contacting professors has always seemed like a hard thing to do for me. It is not so much what to ask but rather how to approach the e-mail. My first consideration is to the fact that I am someone they have never met e-mailing them out of nowhere. I should mention I am referring to e-mailing professors are other universities to ask about their research. 

Sometimes the e-mails are to get your foot in the door so to speak, to be able to have your name recognized when they are sifting through mounds of graduate applications (I do hope they organize them by mounding). But I have found that asking about research really helps learn more about what is offered at the school and what is available for me as a new graduate student.

An example: I was really interested in the University of Washington’s Space Propulsion Research so I e-mailed the lead investigator about it. Turns out that they currently do not have funding for the project so the current graduate students are getting by on TA’ships more then research. This let me know that I should look at other opportunities at the school to see if I still want to go there (incidentally I still do).

Nevertheless it is awkward. Coming up soon I need to ask for letters of recommendation, always awkward if they are coming from a professor who you are not in at least weekly contact with (like a class).

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