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Just float above and stay in school.

Just float above and stay in school.

As a college student I have only been concerned about the economy in three ways: the effect it has on the current political debate, an abstract concern about the state of the world and how it will change my post-graduation plans.

I have writ before about my debates and efforts toward going to graduate school. Part of me really wants to go (what a great personal statement that line makes) while another part wants to go into private industry or government research. I know that those with a B.S. in Physics can get jobs right out of university, except it is for the practical skills like electronics and not so much the physics.

Talking to my parents and family about this I was given a good piece of advice (paraphrased) from my grandmother: The country is going to Hell in a Handbasket, maybe you would be better off, or safer in school.

Well, it is hard to argue with aphorisms like that one. (The same notion has been state graphically here)

Sometimes it is simple straightforward advice that tips the balance, so now I am about 97.2% sure that graduate school is the place for me. Especially the University of British Columbia depending on the upcoming elections.

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