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The first photo I edited with Aperture.

The first photo I edited with Aperture.

I downloaded the Aperture trial to try out something more professional then iPhoto. 

Instead of starting by importing a new batch of photos I took a set of five photos from iPhoto that needed editing beyond iPhoto’s capabilities. 

Importing from iPhoto ran into two challenges. The first was that Aperture cannot import or even view iPhoto smart albums, what I wanted to import was a smart album of photos with the “edit” tag. So I had to go back and create an actual album and drag the photos over. The second import issue was where they went. I expected a dialogue to ask where to put them. Instead the photos were placed into a, what I believe to be, a project. Since this is the demo and I not bothering really reading anything I am still unclear on the file structure.

Once the photos were in Aperture my first task was too correct white balance. I had obvious ways to do this. First there are two sliders for temperature and tint, the second option is to select the neutral gray of the photo. I did not know where a neutral gray resided so I just used the sliders to get the right color cast. I must say that I am satisfied with the result with the first white balanced photo, the second one did not turn out as well. Though that might have been inherent in the photo itself.

I will keep posting my impressions as I delve farther into Aperture.

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