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Seattle Vote

Only motorcyclist can exhibit Extreme Caution!

Only motorcyclist can exhibit Extreme Caution!

I filled out my ballot for the city of Seattle and King county elections. I am not sure if it is Washington or just this county but it is all vote by mail. The only small problem I have with this is that the envelope to return the ballot is labeled with my name and address. I know that I had to sign the CA absentee ballot but I don’t remember if it had my name and address.

While I don’t feel the need for anonymity for this election it is not something that I want to give up. I know that they probably separate out the ballots from the envelopes using one for elections and another to keep track of voter fraud but it would be nice if there was another way to do it. Maybe do a double envelope, with the ballet sealed within the outer envelope that has the name and signature on it. That way they can be sorted without seeing who is voting for what.

As my first Washington election it is pretty simply, there were no long winded, poorly written propositions posed by a small group like in California. Though the county by county results of various propositions are always fun to view.

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I have always called these buckyballs, I don't think that is right.

I have always called these buckyballs, I don't think they are called that.

I watched the final of the presidential debates last night. I also sent in my absentee ballot (admittedly before the debate).

I also do not watch network television or really much television aside from Comedy Central (Daily Show is my best source of news). In a sense I am now outside the election season.

By proxy I have heard about the attack ads, the accusatory writings and the tiny niggling details that saturate the news networks. But I have not seen any of them.

There are also all of the automated callings, or the polls. I have missed out on the those as well since I only have a cell phone.

To top it off I live in a relatively uncontested state (some people don’t vote because of this, that makes me cringe).

I sort of feel left out.

Now I just want the election to be over.

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