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Sea of Bikes


Bicycles, bicycles, everywhere. Not a drop to drink.

Bicycles, bicycles, everywhere. Not a drop to drink.

I realize looking back over the week that I have not had any substantive posts aside from the first one which was a procrastination method. Even though I have had a lot of free time I suppose that it is due to a lack of bandwidth from studying and taking finals. Especially from taking finals.

I did take a small break, sort of a break, during the week where I went out with my camera for the first time in a few weeks. The library was a prime target for photographs since about two thirds of the schools population is currently living there in a hopes to catch up on ten weeks of skipped lectures. While I did not venture into any of the higher levels the swarm of bike laying siege to the main entrance was evidence enough for finals week.

Photographing this invariable swarm of pedal powered vehicles a walking cell phone conversation summed up the scene nicely:

“I am totally lost in a sea of bikes right now”.

It was so dense you could have floated a kayak.

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Study Plan

Well, this was supposed to be posted yesterday but with the new WordPress interface I guess I hit the wrong button. I didn’t notice it not going up since my backup software was able to grab it just fine.

A view from my lecture room last year.

A view from my lecture room last year.

Today started my finals week, I started the long journey of studying. Lucky for me I have taken enough physics finals to know what I need to learn and how to go about doing it.

Essentially every physics class with few exceptions allow for a single sheet of paper worth of notes. So I use the act of writing the notesheet to be my study plan. I break it down into several steps:

Go over my notebook for the class and write down major topics, equations, themes and general knowledge that was learned in lecture. Then I go over any notes provided by the professor, the textbook, past exams and homework solutions to create a list of every important topic of the quarter. I have a habit of writing the word “final” in the margins if a teacher emphasis a particular equation or example in class, or if they flat out say this problem will be on the final. I add those to my list.

I then take my list and structure it into cohesive topics and related fields. At this point I write out everything I listed, based on either my notes or the textbook depending on which notation I have been using for the year.

Sometimes when I finish it all fits on one piece of paper, if not I write it smaller or start to cut things out. In the end I get a single sheet of notes for the class that I can take in for the final. If  a class does not allow note sheets then I now have a note sheet of things I need to know really well.

Depending on the class (and how I did on the homework) I sometimes do extra homework or past exam problems using nothing by my notes and a calculator (if allowed on the final). If I find myself needing something I then add it to the right section of the note sheet and continue on.

This method works for me since I learn best by writing things down as I hear them or in the case of studying think about them.

I don’t know how well this would work for other topics that have a large amount of information that needs to be memorized, math it would probably still work and perhaps engineering. One of the reasons that I like physics is that for the most part a small set of equations is all that is needed to answer most questions.

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