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And what a face he has.

And what a face he has.


So why bother with this Facebook thing? What good can come of it when you have been getting by so far just fine?

  • Establishing new venues of communication for reaching a client base, be it a recently published book or an upcoming art show.
  • Find old friends from high school or college. You may not have thought of them for a while or lost contact over the years.
  • Stay in contact with younger family members. While letters, phone calls and e-mail may work for siblings, other relatives may only communicate through Facebook.
  • Establish a place to share photos between friends, if they are already on Facebook.


There are four main methods of talking to other people on Facebook. First I would like to define several areas.

A “Wall” is space in a profile where items are posted such as status updates, photos, links and the like. Your newsfeed is your main Facebook page that shows updates from all of your friends, this is where most people spend their time.

  • Write on a wall. This puts the message on either your own or someone’s else’s profile visible to everyone.
  • Comment on an item. You can add comments to items that put onto someone’s wall such a status update (writing on your own wall) or a posted video.
  • Direct message. This is like Facebook e-mail that can be send to multiple people. It also keeps tracks of conversations between so it appears as a thread.
  • Instant messaging. This is just instant messaging through Facebook’s built in client.


Assume everything is available for everyone to read on the entire internet. Even if they say it is not just put up what you would be fine saying or showing to everybody.

At first it was just for University students, and all was good. Then the high schoolers came and there was slight grumbling. And once it was opened to all suddenly those drunken pictures could be seen by coaches, parents and potential employers. While it can’t become available to more people now it is good to keep in mind that everyone can see it.


I get asked a lot about what information to put into the profile section. And the best advice is whatever you want. You can a wealth of information on your favorite books and quotes or leave it blank since you see this is a communication tool. It depends on your goals for Facebook.

On Friends

Some people collect them, others horde a select few. You don’t have to add everyone who asks since some may be random (from collectors) and others you may just not like.

To add friends either search for them by name or e-mail. You can also have Facebook go through your address book to check for people already on Facebook. Or just wait for people to come to you.

As for removing friends, the option is at the bottom of the left column of their profile page. When you do this they are not informed and they can only find out by seeing that you don’t show up on their friends list.


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The Plan

A... slug?

A... slug?

I did some consulting work today and helped another person get onto Facebook.

It seems to me that a good resource for many people (mostly mid-forties to mid-seventies) would be a Facebook Primer. Something that gives them information on how to sign up, what it is used for, how to use it and basic privacy information. At least if I wrote one I could print it out and give it to people to help them transition into the new world of social networking.

So far I found that people who are motivated and want to get on Facebook (self-employed professionals) are interested in how to use it and what it is good for.

Meanwhile other demographics (my grandmother say) see it as an this new fangled thing they have to get on because one of their social groups is posting the photos to it (or a group members relative at least) so now that have to be on it dammit.

Maybe a basic introduction to The Facebooks would help many out, or at least give me a reference for setting people up.

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Any facebook change causes a small emergency.

Any facebook change causes a small emergency.

A few weeks ago Facebook changed its main layout page to focus more on status updates and shared content over the previous iteration.

Of course previous changed created an outrage about “stalkerbook” and this one received similar protest, except I think they will he changing it soon in response.

Oddly though I like the current homepage and if they do change it I may consider starting to use Twitter and del.ico.us instead of whatever Facebook changes too.

Then again I don’t know if I want to spread out so much or if I want to dedicate the time to setting that up. Probably myself and many others will just passively accept any changes (except terms of service regarding original posted works) they made to the layout.

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Sometimes the train tracks need to be crossed for a good photo.

Sometimes the train tracks need to be crossed for a good photo.


Recently on Facebook there has been a viral meme spreading called 25 Things. In it someone write twenty five things about themselves and tag twenty five people who repeat the process including tagging the original person. I was not tagged for a while then recently I was, I felt that I should write twenty five things but only tag those that tag me, in effect ending my branch of the tree. If I had not read an article (that I can’t find right now) about how this meme spread I might not have been interested enough in doing this. After writing it I thought I could repost it here.

The rules for this meme is to write twenty-five things about yourself and tag twenty-five people including the person who initially tagged you. Sort of a chain letter of narcissism. I was initially hesitant about writing one of these, then I was tagged and felt I should end the spreading on my side by simply not tagging anyone new except those that tag me in theirs (not a long list).

  1. I have a compulsion to make people laugh through words, it does not always work but I feel that I should try.
  2. Due to this I am usually shy around new groups of people until I know what types of humor will make them laugh.
  3. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a scientist, I imagined an organized lab with incompressible equipment and most importantly myself in an awesome lab coat. I have come to realize that as a physicist I will never have the clean lab nor the lab coat.
  4. I love playing games with other people: card games, board games, video games, laser tag and anything that requires planning and strategy. However I don’t care much for team sports like football (both kinds) or basketball.
  5. I used to play a lot of video games during and before high school, now I find that I rarely play any game that is not with friends in the same room.
  6. The best I have done in any sporting events is being a part of the second place novice male recurve archery team for Edinburgh University and eighth place in a fencing tournament for novice male foil for UCSB.
  7. I just got my driver’s license at the end of last summer and that might be because the guy giving me the test was texting throughout the whole thing. 
  8. I have a general aversion to talking on the phone, don’t know why I have it but I find myself almost always preferring any other means of communicating. I really should learn semaphore to help with this.
  9. Growing up I never thought much about religion as an institution, I generally thought along buddhist lines with karma but never identified with a single religion. Looking back I can see that it was a generally progression to being an atheist. 
  10. While an atheist I still find my diction to be flavored by religious phrases and imagery.
  11. I want to live without having any regrets, in the end I want to be happy.
  12. I read everything that I can, if nothing is available I will start reading signs, ingredient labels (some good stuff there) or even the safety card in airplanes.
  13. When writing I spell out numbers two words or less in length and try to follow grammatical rules. Texting takes me a while.
  14. While I consider myself at least a decent photography I find myself really bad at taking photos of people and events. 
  15. I don’t like wearing just t-shirts. Whenever I can I like to either have a collared shirt, something hooded or a sweater. However I don’t go all the way and wear blazers like a philosophy major.
  16. I enjoy mooching rides from people. For almost all of the school breaks (aside from summer) I have found a ride with someone to someplace sort of near my home. It is always fun to see if a conversation can be kept going for five to six hours. Unless we are stuck in traffic, that is never fun.
  17. I associate various bands, albums and genres with particular periods of my life, for example: the first two Franz Ferdinand Albums remind me of Edinburgh while Jack Johnson and the Beatles remind me of my freshman and sophomore year at UCSB. 
  18. I love science: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, materials and astronomy. Sure there are some I would rather just love a surface level but overall I really enjoy learning about what we are learning. 
  19. I probably own more then forty feet of books, a majority of that consists of science fiction, fantasy and science books. It is unlikely that I will sell any of them.
  20. When writing non-academically I use the words “so”, “well” and “but” o the point where it starts to bother me.
  21. I really dislike so many of these with starting with “I”.
  22. I have never figure out how to use a semi-colon except in computer languages.
  23. I enjoy a good story be it from friend, a book, a movie, a TV show, anime, video games, the internets, music, poetry or art. Especially if there are lasers involved. 
  24. I love baked goods. It could be that I rarely had any freshly baked items growing up (maybe four times a year) but I do love well baked items or those that are at least half butter or sugar.
  25. I am content with calling pi/3 roughly one.

I really should have spent the time writing this working on my lab report, it has been glaring at me this entire time.

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Just a Small Tip


Just a warning to prevent getting shocked.

Just a warning to prevent getting shocked.

Just a tip, try not to misspell www.facebook.com

It appears that a transposition of two of the initial four letters redirects  to a site that might not be appropriate for many situations. I suppose the site would in fact be appropriate for only a very limited set of situations none of which are likely to occur in a public place.

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Nothing to do with this post, I just like this photo.

Nothing to do with this post, I just like this photo.

I joined facebook within a month of starting at UCSB in the fall of 2005. During the school year I found myself checking it once, maybe twice a day. At first I updated my profile quite a bit with updates slowing down. I joined a lot of groups until they overflowed in my profile and not all could be listed. I was in groups dedicated to one course and others about the joy of stepping on crunchy leaves (I will never leave that group). I am not sure why I joined some of them. Eventually they added applications and like most people I added a bunch of those when they came out. Then I slowed down with adding them. Eventually I reached a point where I did not care about some groups, applications were used once then never used again. Then I read about privacy concerns about how the Facebook API interfaced with other websites and cookies (not the tasty kind). After reading this I started to consider what I had on Facebook and whether what it said to the internet (nothing on the internet is private after all) really represented me.

Of course it doesn’t represent me any more then a picture or this blog does. Unless it was a really nice picture with a fancy frame of gold leaf and a delicately scribed “Michael Hutchins” along the bottom of the frame.

I have noticed that many of the items listed under “favorites” are not really my favorites, rather books or movies that I encountered between creating the lists and the present moment. How could someone have forty favorite musicians? It all started to feel a bit much.

The one part of Facebook that I liked was the ability for me to post photo albums and photo galleries to share with friends. Then I started my own website on UCSB’s server to host my photos. Since then I have stopped uploading to Facebook, instead I list the link under my websites.

After I returned from Edinburgh I stopped using facebook for about two months. Then I came back to it recently and started checking maybe once every few days. A few days ago my boss, well boss in the abstract way that he is the CEO but the company does not have a strict order of authority when it comes to my part time job, added me on Facebook. I don’t know but that just seemed weird. 

I wonder if graduate school admissions will look up applicants on Facebook, I wonder if there is a “I love Graduate School Admissions” group.

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