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200mm with a Marumi Macro 3 lens attached.

200mm with a Marumi Macro 3 lens attached.

I got a new set of filters today, 3 Marumi filters: a +3 macro, a circular polarizer and a neutral density. After looking at all of them I immediately put the +3 macro onto my lenses to try it out in my backyard.

At first I tried it with a 50mm f/1.8, I could focus a lot closer to the lens but the region I could focus shrank a bit. It was small to begin with. If I was shooting still objects they photos would have come out sharper with a better focus. However I was thwarted by a light consistent wind.

Then to try out the extreme I put it on my 55-200 VR lens keeping it at 200mm. The focus distance went down from about three feet in front of the lens down to a foot or so. Again the focus region was small but this lens had autofocus. Or at first I thought that this would make it easier, the AF for either the lens or the camera body (D6o) was slow and not very good with macro. I quickly reverted to manual focus (except when trying to shoot moving bees).

The image quality was alright. For the 50mm it was pretty good, not as sharp as it usually is but not bad either. At 200mm it is not that sharp and there is a lot of soft glow spread around the image. The images at smaller focal lengths did look better and I only practiced in direct sunlight. Though I feel that there might not be enough light to use the +3 lens by hand without direct sunlight.

I don’t have a dedicated macro lens or any other close-up lenses to compare this Marumi lens with but so far it has been fun to play with. I don’t know how I will use it in the future or if the images will be sharp enough (maybe I should not do 200mm?) for decent macro photography.

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