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An HDR of the Goleta Dock from beneath.

An HDR of the Goleta Dock from beneath.

I found this site that gives a package of geektool scripts, one of them is a better uptime command then what I had before:

Old: uptime | awk ‘{print “UPTIME : ” $3 ” “$4″ ” $5 “”}’

New: uptime | awk ‘{print “Uptime : ” $3 ” ” $4 ” ” $5 }’ | sed -e ‘s/.$//g’

I run them with a refresh of 240.

On this site there is also some dark grey sidebar images to use as a platform for various commands. It shows several possible configurations of the command set. I like this sites current IP command but I don’t move networks often enough to warrant its use.

For some of the scripts to work they need to be edited for local ZIP code and for one your GMail password.

I just need to find a Geektool script that shows current network activity.

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GeekTools Commands

A nice way to decorate an underpass.

A nice way to decorate an underpass.

The other day I mentioned that I starting using GeekTools. When I first got it thought “Looks pretty cool” followed by “How do I do that?”. So here are the four commands I use (one is a bit more involved):

System Uptime (Refresh 240):

uptime | awk ‘{print “UPTIME : ” $3 ” “$4″ ” $5 “”}’

System Processes (Refresh 5):

top -ocpu -FR -l2 -n20 | grep ‘^….[1234567890] ‘ | grep -v ‘ 0.0% ..:’ | cut -c 1-24,33-42,64-77

Calender (Refresh 3600):

cal | sed “s/^/ /;s/$/ /;s/ $(date +%e) / $(date +%e | sed ‘s/./#/g’) /”

Current iTunes Song (Refresh 10):

osascript /Users/michaelhutchins/Music/iTunesInfo.scpt

This one just actively runs a scripts that I acquired (along with the originals) from this site of GeekTools programs and commands. The uptime I adjusted slightly while the others are pretty much the original.

I should mention that the refresh rates are in seconds even though it has no demarcation.

All of these are Shell scripts with everything at the default setting except font color, I chose white since it shows up better on my current background.

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