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Where is my room?


Our New House

Our New House

My parents are looking to move out of my childhood home and move. I am waiting for the day when I come back from college or from a trip to find our house empty and the locks changed. Lucky for me they are not moving to Hong Kong or the East Coast (though I do like Hong Kong) but to Nevada City. My Mom grew up in Nevada City and my Grandmother has lived in her house there for the last fifty years.

My job while in Nevada City (besides helping my Grandmother) is to look at houses with my Mom and let her know what she does and does not like. Doing this I find it incredibly easy to make helpful suggestions like “Just tear down this wall here” and “Just build a garage in this corner”. It is so easy to spend money when it is not yours.

I am still deciding whether moving out of our current house is because my parents want to move or if it is a convenient way to get my brother and I to move out.

In any case I won’t let them buy a house without a room for me to, ah, well, visit.

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