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"You show me a capitalist & I'll show you a blood-sucker" on the side of the lagoon outflow box.

"You show me a capitalist & I'll show you a blood-sucker" on the side of the lagoon outflow box.

I like importing and managing files in iPhoto much better then Aperture. Likely this is due to using iPhoto for the past two years compared to the week with Aperture. It is also highly dependent on personal preference.

When importing new photos (or any photos really) into Aperture they can be placed into any ‘Project’ or into a new Projects. Projects contain the all of the photos and under the project heading are a list of different organizational structures. These can be albums, folders, print projects, light tables or web galleries. Also photos imported from iPhoto are placed within the albums (which are created) in which they resided in iPhoto. If they are in multiple albums all of them are recreated.

For example if I imported my entire iPhoto library into a project called “iPhoto Library import” all of the photos would reside within the project and be placed (actually referenced and not stored) in the same album structure they had before. If a iPhoto folder contained two albums and a smart album, the normal albums would be recreated while the smart album photos would be placed into the folder without a folder of their own.

While projects exist on their own all of the photos are still listed under Library. In the library the projects are viewed in the same way Events are viewed in the iPhoto library. Or photos can all be viewed en masse without dividing them by project.

iPhoto pictures (or any non-Aperture photo) can also be referenced into the Aperture library instead of imported. If this is done the photos can be added and moved like a normal Aperture photo except they cannot be modified. This is useful if there is a particular photo (or set of photos) that you want to use in an Aperture project but want to be kept in their original location.

Ratings and keywords transfer happily when importing from iPhoto. I found only two keywords were added upon import from iPhoto: iPhoto Original and if they were flagged iPhoto Flagged. However when photos are imported into iPhoto from Aperture (done through an easy pop up window in iPhoto) the file names become all capitals. 

So moving between the two is not particularly difficult, especially in the iPhoto -> Aperture direction, which is a good thing because I prefer the keyword tagging system of iPhoto over Aperture. In Aperture I could not find a way to add keywords directly under the photos in the same way as iPhoto, and that is my preferred method. Aperture does allow for keyword groups to be made with custom buttons. 

Everyone loves custom buttons.

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