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iPod Touch Alarm

Falling back to my phone.

Falling back to my phone (Franz Ferdinand in concert).

I really like my iPod Touch, I never knew how much I needed to check my e-mail when I was away from my laptop but could access wifi. The Maps are handy to have if preloaded and being able to somewhat estimate a location based on nearby wifi is neat, I have used it to find the right place to get off a bus.

The alarm clock feature has been disappointing. Namely an alarm does not go off if the volume is set to 0. I have also had an alarm simply not go off before. Fortunately in both cases I woke up on my own near the time I had set the alarm, but it is still disconcerting to have an unreliable alarm clock.

So I have reverted back to my phones alarm clock. The thing I loved about the Touch’s alarm was the many different ones I had, the snooze system and the ease of use. The reliability is causing me to revert to another system.

Admittedly it could be user error as I have been sick and have set the alarms when I was very tired. Maybe in a week the reliability will get better.

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Some places are particularly flat.

Some places are particularly flat.

Driving up Highway 5 in the middle of California we found only two types of radio stations: country or hispanic. They alternated fairly evenly throughout the entire FM band. Then at the bottom of the band there was an oddity – Dane Cooke.

As it was something different we started to listen. He started to swear on the radio. Odd, we thought, doesn’t the FCC have something to say about curses on the radio?

So we kept driving, well driving at that point was a very loose term, we kept sitting in random traffic. Eventually the traffic yielded to actual movement that came up to near the speed limit, the speed limit of a school zone anyway.

The radio cut out. Dane Cooke was replaced with fast tempo mariachi music. Again, odd.

Continuing forward we hit another (of many) spot of traffic, Dane Cooke came back. Three seconds later we figured it out: someone’s iPod FM transmitter. The SUV in front of us had a nice bubble of comedy. We tried to stay within that bubble to hear the end of the joke, we ended up tailgating until they pulled aside and let us pass.

We never will know how the joke ended.

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