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The ginormous clean room of JPL.

The ginormous clean room of JPL.

I want to start taking more panorama shots, a while ago I tried some various stitching software packages (free ones of course) and none of them really worked for me. Since I had CS2 I could not import my .NEF files directly to photoshop and I really did not like converting to .DNG files beforehand, it just made it inconvenient.

When at JPL a few weeks ago we were in the observation deck of their clean room when I decided to try a panorama. I had no tripod with me so I just handheld the photos and rotated around. I then tried out the free panorama software Hugin, but it did really work for me in the end, at least not with a set of freehand photos. It also could not read my .NEF files. I did like the control point method though, I thought it was pretty neat.

But recently I received a copy of Photoshop CS4 which does support my camera RAW format (CS2 missed it by one update), so I tried the photoshop photomerge feature to create my panorama. I must admit that it is not the greatest for a couple reasons: the handheld part, shooting through a thick pane of glass and missing an additional shot on the left. Eventually I want to attempt an HDR panorama.

The next step is to build myself a custom panoramic tripod head, that will be sweet.

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