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I am fairly sure that this is indeed a butterfly.

I am fairly sure that this is indeed a butterfly.

When I upload new photos to my computer I go through and keyword them so I can perhaps find them later. The amount of keywording really depends on how I feel at the time, sometimes I go the extent of labeling subject or color most often I just do location and sometimes lens.

One set I always keep up is the keyword for photos I have used in this blog, so I know that I don’t post the same photo twice. Likewise when I am adding keywords I pull aside photos to use in future blog posts, either as an addition to a post or as a subject.

The problem is that some photo shoots result in ten or twenty photos tagged this way and a back log starts to occur. And thus photos like the above one are pulled out and added to a non-photo related post to help clear things out. I try to vary the photo of the day but sometimes I realize that I have posted five sunset shots in a row or three leftover aquarium shots.

These leftovers are of course good for short posts of just a photo and a line of text or two.

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The pelican remained remarkably still.

The pelican remained remarkably still.

I began working part time at Think Tank Photo again, this time I am doing all computer based work instead of organizing and moving around bags.

My new task is a slightly daunting one, but daunting in a good way as I am being paid by the hour. I have to organize roughly forty gigabytes of photos. In order to start tackling this task I needed to figure out what method of organization in combination with what software to use.

At first I considered Aperture or Lightroom as a way to handle to photos. I soon realized that these photos will be stores (eventually) on a server and accessed by multiple people. That cut both of those programs out as it is a multi-OS environment and Lightroom does not allow server based catalogs (which leaves a gap for photography studio image bank software that can also edit). This left two places to reliably store information that can be accessed by any program or OS: the filename and the IPTC data of the photo.

For filenames I would need to make a folder hierarchy with filenames that included the type of photo, the product, the photographer, the date and the version. This is actually quite possible but has issues: what if a photo falls into multiple categories? I am already starting with over six thousand photos and I am assuming that at least a thousand are already duplicates. I don’t want to add to that.

The second method, which I will probably implement in the end, is to use keywords and smart folders to organize everything. Label a photo with keywords for product, type, photographer (or put that in the name), original folder, location and whatever else is relevant. If these keywords are in the IPTC data they can be searched by Apples Spotlight, Adobe Bridge and I assume any photographic file browser like Photo Mechanics. Apple Smart Folders or Adobe Collections could then easily be used to organize the data. And if the photos are all on the server each individual can have their own folder organization. 

And a plus is that no new software needs to be purchased (though I would have needed a copy to organize the photos so I sort of lost out).

The problem is that no matter how I go about organizing it will take a lot of time in the end.

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