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The Enchanted Waters of Sligachan

The Enchanted Waters of Sligachan

Legend has it that the waters running through Sligachan on the Isle of Skye are enchanted. Years ago there lived the greatest warrior of Scotland, a woman named Scáthach. One day word of her greatness made it to the halls of the mightiest warrior of Ireland Cúchulainn. Upon hearing this he knew that he must go and fight her. So he set sail to the Isle of Skye to face her in battle. When he arrived on island he demanded of the first person he saw, a trainee of Scáthach, that she come and fight him in battle.

She came out and they fought. The fought all through the valley, shaking the earth and the trees, causing animals to flee. While they fought Scáthach’s daughter fled to the nearby river and cried, for she knew that her mother could not win. As she cried into the water several residents of the land of faerie came through the water, for it was a gateway between their world and ours. They saw her crying and knowing the cause told her to wash her face in the water of the river. Upon doing so she gained the knowledge of how to stop the terrible fight and save her mother.

She ran up to the lodge where her mother lived and along the way gathered nuts and herbs. Once there she threw them into the fire fanning the smoke out into the valley. Upon smelling the scented smoke both Cúchulainn and Scáthach realized how tired and exhausted they were from their fighting. They both laid down their weapons and headed to the lodge. When they arrived Scáthach’s daughter had prepared a meal fit for both mighty warriors. Once Cúchulainn ate under the roof of Scáthach he became her guest and they could do each other no harm.

Since this tremendous battle it is said that if you hold your face in the waters of the river for seven seconds you will be granted eternal beauty.

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