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Sometimes the train tracks need to be crossed for a good photo.

Sometimes the train tracks need to be crossed for a good photo.


Recently on Facebook there has been a viral meme spreading called 25 Things. In it someone write twenty five things about themselves and tag twenty five people who repeat the process including tagging the original person. I was not tagged for a while then recently I was, I felt that I should write twenty five things but only tag those that tag me, in effect ending my branch of the tree. If I had not read an article (that I can’t find right now) about how this meme spread I might not have been interested enough in doing this. After writing it I thought I could repost it here.

The rules for this meme is to write twenty-five things about yourself and tag twenty-five people including the person who initially tagged you. Sort of a chain letter of narcissism. I was initially hesitant about writing one of these, then I was tagged and felt I should end the spreading on my side by simply not tagging anyone new except those that tag me in theirs (not a long list).

  1. I have a compulsion to make people laugh through words, it does not always work but I feel that I should try.
  2. Due to this I am usually shy around new groups of people until I know what types of humor will make them laugh.
  3. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a scientist, I imagined an organized lab with incompressible equipment and most importantly myself in an awesome lab coat. I have come to realize that as a physicist I will never have the clean lab nor the lab coat.
  4. I love playing games with other people: card games, board games, video games, laser tag and anything that requires planning and strategy. However I don’t care much for team sports like football (both kinds) or basketball.
  5. I used to play a lot of video games during and before high school, now I find that I rarely play any game that is not with friends in the same room.
  6. The best I have done in any sporting events is being a part of the second place novice male recurve archery team for Edinburgh University and eighth place in a fencing tournament for novice male foil for UCSB.
  7. I just got my driver’s license at the end of last summer and that might be because the guy giving me the test was texting throughout the whole thing. 
  8. I have a general aversion to talking on the phone, don’t know why I have it but I find myself almost always preferring any other means of communicating. I really should learn semaphore to help with this.
  9. Growing up I never thought much about religion as an institution, I generally thought along buddhist lines with karma but never identified with a single religion. Looking back I can see that it was a generally progression to being an atheist. 
  10. While an atheist I still find my diction to be flavored by religious phrases and imagery.
  11. I want to live without having any regrets, in the end I want to be happy.
  12. I read everything that I can, if nothing is available I will start reading signs, ingredient labels (some good stuff there) or even the safety card in airplanes.
  13. When writing I spell out numbers two words or less in length and try to follow grammatical rules. Texting takes me a while.
  14. While I consider myself at least a decent photography I find myself really bad at taking photos of people and events. 
  15. I don’t like wearing just t-shirts. Whenever I can I like to either have a collared shirt, something hooded or a sweater. However I don’t go all the way and wear blazers like a philosophy major.
  16. I enjoy mooching rides from people. For almost all of the school breaks (aside from summer) I have found a ride with someone to someplace sort of near my home. It is always fun to see if a conversation can be kept going for five to six hours. Unless we are stuck in traffic, that is never fun.
  17. I associate various bands, albums and genres with particular periods of my life, for example: the first two Franz Ferdinand Albums remind me of Edinburgh while Jack Johnson and the Beatles remind me of my freshman and sophomore year at UCSB. 
  18. I love science: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, materials and astronomy. Sure there are some I would rather just love a surface level but overall I really enjoy learning about what we are learning. 
  19. I probably own more then forty feet of books, a majority of that consists of science fiction, fantasy and science books. It is unlikely that I will sell any of them.
  20. When writing non-academically I use the words “so”, “well” and “but” o the point where it starts to bother me.
  21. I really dislike so many of these with starting with “I”.
  22. I have never figure out how to use a semi-colon except in computer languages.
  23. I enjoy a good story be it from friend, a book, a movie, a TV show, anime, video games, the internets, music, poetry or art. Especially if there are lasers involved. 
  24. I love baked goods. It could be that I rarely had any freshly baked items growing up (maybe four times a year) but I do love well baked items or those that are at least half butter or sugar.
  25. I am content with calling pi/3 roughly one.

I really should have spent the time writing this working on my lab report, it has been glaring at me this entire time.

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Under The House

Under The House

So why do I have a blog? Occasionally I ask this alongside of: why am I even putting this online?

These questions usually come up when I post something that I know is not the best thing out there or even the most mediocre thing out there. Yet I seem to post it anyway. My answer to myself is that I want to have one post a day for as long as I can, once a single day lapses then it becomes so much easier to put a post of for another day. Then another. Soon the blog falls to the wayside much like my first blog at PNN. With the blog falling out of sight and mind it is hard to come back to it, it is much easier to start a new one with new goals and hopefully a new audience (or an audience depending). 

When I am in school I write an e-mail home every week about what I have been doing or often what I should have been doing. The e-mails tend to average around 1300 words each. This gave me plenty of opportunity to write creatively during the school year. Then summer hit (if you go from Scotland to California it does literaly hit). I stopped writing. I needed an outlet in which to write. I also like taking and sharing photos.

Thus I created this blog. 

Creativity is a fickle thing when it comes to writing every day. I try though to be original, mildly entertaining or at least provide a nice picture. Sometimes creativity does strike and I come up with a series of posts on the same subject. Other times I look at my photos until I find one that I like and write about it. Then there are those times when I don’t feel like doing anything and just post a picture with a few words. Finally there are days like today when I conduct a short bit of introspective blogging on my own blog. This does lend itself to rambling.

One feature of WordPress blogs is the easy to access daily hit graph in the admin section. I really wish they did not have this. The mere presence of the hit counter causes me to compulsively check it to see how my blog is doing. I hoped, in the beginning, that there would be some correlation between what I post and the hits I get in a given day. So far no pattern has emerged. A second problem is that I base my concept of the day on local time (-8 GMT) while the little graph (and the whole website) on GMT. So while I do post once a day my time I sometimes post two things in a day or none at all. Again this does not help me and my compulsive need to track statistics.

Rambling is hard to stop. So about that photo up there. I took that in the crawlspace under my family house with a Nikon D60 and a tripod. I compiled about seven shots to make the HDR photo seen above, I might do some more HDR shots of the wine barrels as I feel that they turned out particularly well.

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