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Sometimes old bottles can be really neat, sometimes.

Sometimes old bottles can be really neat, sometimes.

Discoveries are made over the course of year.

For example: what happens to milk left in the refrigerator for, say, six months.

The answer is an interesting mixture of potentially curds and whey. They in all likelihood it is more of a combination of thick white paste and a very watery liquid we affectionately call milk juice.

With a sealed plastic container this is just an interesting experiment with little consequence (it was never opened). However one interesting thing to note: the frost in the freezer section (on a mini-fridge) absorbs the smells particularly well.

So when a refrigerator is improperly defrosted by a roommate and some of that melted frost gets onto the carpet the smells really smell.

It is  currently day three with three layers of Fabreeze (two air sprays and one direct spray) with the windows and doors open whenever someone is in. The smell currently only occupies half the room (not my half) and I hope is slowly receding.

I am tempted to mask the smell by adding something else on top of it, then again that just seems like a bad idea.

The lesson here:

Milk juice; a bad idea.

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