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Typewriters are fun for short periods of time.

Typewriters are fun for short periods of time.

I have been helping a writing coach develop her website: Your Book Starts Here.

Mostly I have been giving advice on layout and design, creating graphics (like the above) and helping finagle register.com‘s webpage creating tool.

Webpage creation tools can be a blessing and a curse, the one for Register.com has some issues with custom header graphics, notably they forget to tell you what size it should be to fit the webpage. That and their tile/no-tile options is always set to tile. The basic templates are decent enough with an odd amount of customization, there is just enough to be not useful.

For example: you can change the colors of links/used links on the webpage but cannot change the background color.

Unfortunately I know enough about graphic design to do well at improving and critiquing websites but I lack the background to build a new one from the ground up.

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