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Pile of Nintendo DS game cartridges.

Pile of Nintendo DS game cartridges.

Note: If this is posted twice it is because the first one was eaten by WordPress and it may or may not post along with this rewrite.

About a year ago I bought a CycloDS Evolution for my Nintendo DS Lite. I wanted to check out the homebrew scene and look for a free web browser for the DS. Nothing really jumped out at me from the world of DS homebrew but I found a better use for the Micro SD adapter card.

Nintendo DS ROMs. These are the contents of the DS game cartridge that are put onto a computer into a .nds file. Conveniently cards like the CycloDS can play them when they are put onto the MicroSD card. This of course leads to many of the games being pirated. I try to avoid that and only download the ROMs of games I currently own.

Or games that I am thinking about owning. With a lot of DS games they are either fun (Super Mario 64 DS) or have the fun potential but for some reason it does not follow through (the new Pok√©mon). Tired of buying games that don’t interest me I saw the usage of ROMs to be the perfect answer, an opportunity to demo a game for an hour or so and then decide if I want to buy it.

The temptation of course is to not buy it since one already has a copy of the game. Recently I downloaded and tried out Knights in the Nightmare by Atlus, I liked it and the next day I bought the game. Even though I now own a legitimate copy of the game I am going to keep playing it solely on my CycloDS.

Why? Mostly because I already have an hours worth of game on the ROM version and because it is so much more versatile. I can back up my savegames to my computer along with the game itself, I don’t have to carry the game around with me and there is a much smaller chance of losing a digital copy.

If there was an easy way to get the saves off of the DS games I bought prior to the CycloDS I would not need to carry around any of the game cartridges with me and could rest them right next to my original brick of a Gameboy.

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