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Dragon Age



Slaying a dragon atop a pedestal in Rothenburg.

I lost a lot of time this weekend to Dragon Age: Origin.

After a bit of play I can say that this game encapsulates the joys felt while playing Baldur’s Gate.

My favorite part of the game so far is the lack of clear good/bad decisions, oftentimes there is either no clear answer or seemingly good decisions having bad consequences.

The biggest issue I have with the game (aside from trouble installing DLC) is the camera. A wider range of movement in the top-down view such as being able to tilt the camera without entering over the shoulder view. I understand the limitations on panning as it would require a fog of war to be enforced which would not work seamlessly with the over the shoulder view. But the tactical (top down) view feels very limited in scope and cannot even look from directly above, which can prevent visibility in small rooms.

Unlike replaying favorite games like Baldur’s Gate or Planescape: Torment I do not know what is going to happen. And to fully embrace the unknown I am not reloading for a bad outcome, if that behavior starts it leads to trying to play for the most powerful character instead of a consistent one. I just wish the weekend had more time in it to play.


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A nice bucket of used paintbrushes.

A nice bucket of used paintbrushes.

Over the break I have found myself becoming addicted to NetHack.

I don’t know why but the game appeals to the fantasy RPG player in me combined with the subtlety of action that can feel lacking in modern games. Not to mention its brevity is a relief in comparison to other games.

My best run so far into the Dungeons of Doom has been to level five, where I believe I was killed by a shopkeeper.

The game has a lot to explore, especially if you do not read the manual or any of the instructions. It was not until the fifteenth game that I learned how to sell items. There is also an underlying though not overwhelming sense of humor.

The first time I played it I was a chaotic tourist, though I found that my favorite character has to be a wizard at the moment.

It is hard, unforgiving (no returning to past saves) and fun.

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