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A level of class I may never achieve.

This has been the longest I have gone without a new post (3 days) and from it I have discovered two correlation.

First, the longer it has been since I have taken photo the less inclined I am towards posting.

Second, a post a day schedule is not what brings people to this site (all 40 of them a day).

I am guessing that I won’t start posting in earnest again until the quarter ends and perhaps after the holidays. This quarter has taken a lot time when combined with my RA position.

I still think a smaller camera would encourage me to take more photos out and about.

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Lack of Travel

Nothing like a handful of coinage.

Same days, some weeks, inspire a desire for travel.

Today the weather felt just like November in Paris when I was there a few years ago. Cold, crisp and sunny.

At least as far as I could tell from my office window.

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Be thankful you don't live here.

Hooray for Thanksgiving!


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Sidewalk Art


Turkey maybe?



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I Will Not Get Sick


A windy beach.

I Will Not Get Sick.

I Will Not Get Sick.

I Will Not Get Sick.


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Yes Virginia

For most of my photo sharing I don't need a dSLR, I really need to get a new compact=

There is an add campaign on some of the buses in Seattle that make me smile every time I see them:

A large picture of a jolly Santa with the text : Yes Virginia, There is No God.

My camera on my cell phone cannot currently be classified as functional so I have no photo of it.

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Silverware on red tablecloth.

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Under the Sea

I need to go back to an aquarium for some photography.

I feel that I lament about not taking photos at least week. Maybe I should start complaining the lack of good entries and the occasional late post. Or I could just free write whenever this sort of thing happens.

However on this occasion I will just go for a photo and leave it at that.


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Pub Trivia


Xian China

Xi'an China.

Quick fact from tonights pub trivia: China and Russia tie for bordering the most countries.


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Foggy Edinburgh


Foggy Edinburgh

Edinburgh on a foggy night.

Occasionally it is nice to peruse through a photo library looking at photos from a few years ago. Especially when the photo reminds not so much of the subject but what led to the photo.

This one was after we decided to hike up to the Arthur Seat crags during an especially foggy night. We could barely see ahead of us in this small island of darkness in the center of the city. Being able to take a photo like this one is encouraging me to buy a small compact camera to carry around with me as my dSLR does not readily fit into my jacket pockets (I tried and it just does not want to fit).

I don’t have an idea of what compact cameras I should be looking at, luckily there is time between now, black Friday and the end of the year.


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