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An scanned slide from a Imagelab FS5C05 35mm slide scanner.

An scanned slide from a Imagelab FS5C05 35mm slide scanner.

I received an Imagelab FS5C05 slide scanner in the mail earlier this week. Finally a chance to scan some of my family slides but first I should test it out before getting excited.

I opened it up carefully, plugged it in and got out one of the slide trays. Easy enough. I put a slide (that I have imaged before) into the machine, centered it and clicked the scan button. Fast, easy and not at all complicated. I took out the SD card (not provided) and put it in my laptop to take a look at the quality.

Well it is not so great. In fact it is just bad. Over saturated, noisy yet blurry, muddled and not even the full 35mm frame. While the slide fits into the scanning tray the device itself does not image the entire slide, rather just the center part (unless moved) and crops off the edges. It took a 3:2 image and reduced it to 4:3 image.

I returned it today and hope that the next one I try will work better and give better results.

Now I will admit there is a chance that this was a defective scanner, however I am not willing to try for another one. Especially since I would not be able to scan the full frame anyway.

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UCSB 1982 Graduation

The 1982 UCSB graduation looks a lot like the 2009 graduation.

The 1982 UCSB graduation looks a lot like the 2009 graduation.

I have mentioned before that I am in charge of converting about six hundred family slides into a digital format.

I looked into services where I send out my slides to get them converted, for the amount that I have I figure I can just do it myself.

Then I thought that I should try doing it myself without any fancy equipment and just use the camera gear I have. I did some tests using the above slide that my grandfather took at my parents UCSB graduation in 1982. First I tried my 50mm f/1.8 to see how that would do. The cropped image came out at too low of a resolution (about 1000 pixels on a side).

My +3 Macro filter came to my mind. I screwed it onto my 55-200mm just to humor myself. I was able to get almost a full frame image of the slide, at max aperture there was terrible bloom but setting it to f/11 solved that. In the end I got the above image. Not terrible for what I was doing (light reflecting off of computer paper) but by no means what I want as the final product.

This was all done in consideration of using a dedicated macro lens with a slide holder from Nikon or other camera company. I have been give a budget for the project and my thought was to keep the macro lens that would need to be purchased as my payment for doing this. However what I would need for this is not what I would want (need: 60mm Macro, want: 105mm Macro).

Now I need to decide between dedicated slide scanners that range from one to two hundred dollars. There just seems to be a dearth of information on this subject outside of the two thousand dollar scanner range, and past 2005.

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