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An old book, I think it was from the sixties.

An old book, I think it was from the sixties.

At a family reunion this weekend I took on the task of preserving some old media.

My grandmother has a box of 35mm slides taken from the late fifties to the eighties that I want to convert to a better preserved format. Initially I thought I would be tackling just the slides, but along with the slides came another bit of media.

Two thousand feet of 8mm film. The oldest reel is from the 1939 World’s Fair. Luckily all the film is still in the original Kodachrome boxes so I know the date of development, the content of the film and the type of film used.

So over the next few weeks I will be exploring the possibilities of converting to a high quality digital format for preservation and sharing. I hope to find a local (Sonoma country) camera or video shop that can do the conversion and possibly cleaning/restoration for us for a reasonable price. This is one instance where I would be more then willing to pay a bit more for either better quality conversion or a professional who will not break the brittle film.

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