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I love night photography.

I love night photography.

Slowly over the course of the last few years I have found my approach to video games change. I started as a player, always jumping at the opportunity to play the next new game, the next round in multiplier or the next console.

Now I rarely play a video game on my own and only play a handful of games with my flat mates. Mostly I watch other play; I have become a spectator.

Initially I always wondered how watching others play could be any fun or why they just don’t play instead. Recently I have watched suite mates suffer horrific defeats or miraculous victories in Street Fighter IV, I see my neighbor go through end game content in World of Warcraft or shake my head as my roommate gets swarmed by zombies in Resident Evil V.

But I don’t find joy in actually playing Street Fighter, I stopped playing World of Warcraft years ago and I only played one run through of Resident Evil V co-op.

A few games have gotten me interested in playing again, but when I start playing I cannot become absorbed as I used too. The only game I enjoy playing in my spare time in Nethack and the game I want to play (but can’t at the moment) is Placescape: Torment. But even here I only play an hour, maybe two, of video game each week. More then ten times less then I used to normally play.

I am still hoping that I can regain the enjoyment when Starcraft 2 and Diablo III come out.

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