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The San Francisco Academy of Sciences, on the edge of the rain forest sphere.

The San Francisco Academy of Sciences, on the edge of the rain forest sphere.

Spotlight in 10.4 was an excellent addition to an operating system. Once used I utilized the quick search functionality for launching applications, finding documents and opening folders. I realized yesterday that I have stopped using it; slowly since my install of 10.5 I have been using Overflow for most of my programs and documents. Since then I installed Quicksilver and exclusively use it to launch applications.

This left Spotlight devoid of any use aside from the calculator and dictionary lookup. The main reason being it is now so very slow to operate. Typing immediately starts a search, that is fine, but continuing to type changes the search, on my system this does not work. Spotlight freezes up, goes slowly and if I mistyped something I have to start again since editing a word it too slow.

I procrastinated yesterday by looking into a solution; they ran from re-indexing to people saying how it works fine for them. I believe that it works for them, however I have a larger hard drive then the stock (I am using 190GB out of 250GB). It then hit me, Quicksilver is terrible at find documents and folders, Overflow I have stopped working: change what Spotlight searches.

I changed the privacy settings so only my home folder sans library are searched by Spotlight. While not the blazing speed I had in 10.4 (well maybe not blazing) it certainly has sped up searches.

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