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Sometimes there is no motivation.

Sometimes there is no motivation.

It has finally hit me.

I no longer have the work ethic, the drive or the desire to work to my full potential.

Senioritis has kicked in.

Unlike my friends who have not gotten into graduate (applying next year) or are looking for a job I just need to pass my current classes, the grades no longer matter. I used to be concerned since my final GPA will determine which honor’s bracket I am in, and then I looked into it to find that I am the top of a bracket. Even if I got a 4.0 I would not go up and if I do poorly (but passing) I will remain in this current bracket.

The only thing missing for a perfect storm of slacker is the weather. Ten to fifteen degrees warmer and I would be almost incapacitated from work for the remainder of the quarter.

I am fully ready for summer and graduation.

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