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A long exposure shot of a UCSB beach.

A long exposure shot of a UCSB beach.

For my last lab report I was collaborating with my lab partner on data analysis, in the past we e-mailed the documents back and forth which resulted in several duplicates and on one occasion a misunderstanding because of file versions.

Then I joined him in using a program/web service called Dropbox. With Dropbox (the free version) I have 2 Gb of online storage for files. I designate folders on my computer and those folders and their contents are constantly synced with the online service so I can access them anywhere. Likewise if I had multiple computers the folders would stay in sync between them.

Important to my lab work my friend and I can share a folder where we both have access to contents. Secondly revisions are saved on the Dropbox server so if someone, say me, accidently overwrites an important file we can go back and restore the previous version. 

Overall I am really satisfied with the service and it would be perfect if it enabled the editing of the files online (even just basic text files) to keep an ongoing notes file.

In the end the impetus to make me join was that one day I forgot my flash drive and I could not work on my lab without any of my files, after that I quickly joined.

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