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I love geometrically repeating subjects.

I love geometrically repeating subjects.

I mentioned a while ago that I joined the Think Tank Photo affiliate program, mostly to see what would come of it. So a few weeks ago I found I could add a link to the free bag offer and put it on the sidebar to the right.

The funny thing is I never actually knew what the free bag was until today. So when you buy over $50 of product through the affiliate program (which is pretty much most of the bags) you can get one of the following for free:

If I did not have the Streetwalker backpack I would probably use one of these to hold my accessories. Though it is really only useful if you are using the belt system, otherwise any bag would work.

I use this bag to hold my lenses if I need to throw them loose into another bag, it fits all of my introductory lenses and holds them securely. It also has a rain cover for a bit of extra protection in wet climes.

I have handled these when working with Think Tank inventory but I have not used them. I would say they would work well for several small things, feels less protective than the Lens Changer 50.

Feels just like a Lens Changer in durability and build but for a large flash unit.

If I was to buy a Think Tank bag new I would go with the Lens Changer 50, just for the usability. I know that for some of the lens I bought they did not come with a case of any sort, if they did it was weak and flimsy. Having an extra bit of protection on my lens lets me chuck them into a backpack for the day or the week and not worry too much about them (I try not to sit on them, I don’t think any soft bag would help there).

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An HDR shot of the Santa Barbara Dock.

An HDR shot of the Santa Barbara Dock.

I finally got around to testing out the Streetwalker’s (I reviewed it here) ability to hold a tripod.

The Streetwalker has a pocket on the bottom of the outside that holds two of the three tripod legs, there are then two straps to hold it in place. One strap is at the top of the pocket (for the third leg) and the other is at the top of the bag to secure the tripod in place.

The latches on the straps are fairly secure and are locked into place so the tripod won’t loosen the straps while moving around.

Of course with the tripod on the bag is a bit bulkier, aside from the weight there is not an extra three inches of the tripod sticking out. While this may not be a problem to some people I have a feeling that I will eventually hit or run into something. Hopefully what I break won’t be expensive.

The bag easily holds my tripod, a Bogen 3411 a six foot tripod with some heft to it. Lighter and smaller tripods will easily fit without a problem and without adjusting the weighting of the bag too much.

With the tripod in place it is difficult to access the contents of the bag, if the top strap is released about the top third of the bag can be accessed. However when the strap is unlatched the tripod tends to slide to either side.

I am just glad it is able to fit my tripod so I do not have to carry a separate tripod case around with me.

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