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Hybrids are probably better for traffic then my car.

Hybrids are probably better for traffic then my car.

A sudden revelation came to me while sitting morosely in traffic: traffics are compression waves!

This thought made me want to simulate traffic in a 1D or maybe 2D particle model. The cars on the road have a given linear density of car and so the rate at which braking is propagated back is much higher then the individual car velocity.

The best time to see the traffic compression waves is approaching an uphill slope at night, then the brake lights can travel down the line of traffic eventually to your own car.

Maybe some more time stuck in traffic at night will help flesh out the model of traffic waves.

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Texting Google

Not a recommended roadway.

Not a recommended roadway.

When a person is driving not knowing exactly where they are going, say to a Costco, they may look for directions. If they don’t have a fancy smartphone nor do they desire to stop they may resort to texting Google for directions (466453).

If someone texts something like “seattle costco” they will get back a list of the three nearest Costco stores with their addresses. This will eventually lead them to the right store for some wholesome bulk shopping.

However Google will not inform the inquirer a critical piece of information such as a Seahawk game is about to start between the person asking and the store.

In the end I do not recommend driving near a large sporting arena anytime there is a sporting event in that arena.

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This guy probably not so concerned with blog traffic.

This guy probably not so concerned with blog traffic.

I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for statistics. Give me a good graph any day of the week. WordPress provides a statistics section on the admin page that I cannot help but check once or twice a day.

Something I have noticed is that there is occasionally a large spike in traffic followed by a linear decay back to normal rates. Starting last Sunday the traffic has followed this pattern (normalized to average traffic):

  • Sunday: 5.6
  • Monday: 3.6
  • Tuesday: 2.5
  • Wednesday: 1.3

Almost all of this traffic is directed towards my post on the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker review I did in January.

I wonder if the number of traffic spikes would double if I did a review on a new Think Tank product? Of course I would have to wait for a new release that I could use since I could not really utilize their latest product.

It is good that there is the occasional Think Tank related traffic spike, hopefully one of those people will utilize the handy link for my Think Tank Affiliate program. So far that link is averaging me a whole seventeen cents a day. Imagine, a new packet of ramen every single day.

It is like unto a dream.

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Some places are particularly flat.

Some places are particularly flat.

Driving up Highway 5 in the middle of California we found only two types of radio stations: country or hispanic. They alternated fairly evenly throughout the entire FM band. Then at the bottom of the band there was an oddity – Dane Cooke.

As it was something different we started to listen. He started to swear on the radio. Odd, we thought, doesn’t the FCC have something to say about curses on the radio?

So we kept driving, well driving at that point was a very loose term, we kept sitting in random traffic. Eventually the traffic yielded to actual movement that came up to near the speed limit, the speed limit of a school zone anyway.

The radio cut out. Dane Cooke was replaced with fast tempo mariachi music. Again, odd.

Continuing forward we hit another (of many) spot of traffic, Dane Cooke came back. Three seconds later we figured it out: someone’s iPod FM transmitter. The SUV in front of us had a nice bubble of comedy. We tried to stay within that bubble to hear the end of the joke, we ended up tailgating until they pulled aside and let us pass.

We never will know how the joke ended.

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Thanksgiving Traffic


Some bikes are unloved.

Some bikes are unloved.

I had a theory. I though that if instead of taking Highway 101 from Santa Barbara to my house in Sonoma County that it might be faster to go up to Sacramento and cut over and this avoid the traffic of Marin.

Well I was wrong.

The traffic that I normally encounter when going home for Thanksgiving (by bumming rides off of friends) is normally intense in Marine due to everyone going north. There are also exits, merging freeways and bridge like things.

Today the traffic had no discernable cause. We were on Highway 5. In the middle of Nowhere, California. Nothing in any direction, no traffic accidents, no off ramps, no buildings not even any cows. Not a single feature to look at aside from road and traffic. Yet there was traffic.




The drive normally takes (Santa Barbara to Sacramento) six hours or so. At hour seven and a half we could see the off ramp leading to my friends house. The front right tire blew out.

We pulled over and he fixed it while I held my flashlight to illuminate his handiwork. Once we arrived at his house I was then picked up by a family member and taken the rest of the way home. Ten hours.

Ten hours is roughly three more hours then I prefer to be in the car when driving to and from school. But then again Thanksgiving Eve has the heaviest traffic of the year. Or at least of the year when I am on the road.

Seriously though, traffic on Highway 5?

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