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It is easier to transfer files over for a new typewriter.

It is easier to transfer files over for a new typewriter.

Before I received my new laptop I had to make a decision: rely on Migration Assistant to move everything over or do it myself. I had a large library of photos so I decided to do it by hand.

With a large hard drive at hand I had to decide what to move over. Aside from the obvious such as documents, music and such I went through the Libraries (User and System) along with applications to see what I could move over. As well as what would actually help.

I grabbed what preferences seemed important and some application support files (Doom 3 keeps the save games in the User/Library/Application Support) and a handful of other I thought to be useful (RSS reader, Safari folder). What I forget to grab that turned out to be important: Keychain. I have a lot of useless websites with passwords saved and it is just easier for the computer to remember these.

Mail did not like being transfered over through a direct copy. In the end I just re-setup three of my e-mail accounts on the new laptop and archived the older folder. Luckily all of my accounts are IMAP so it just required a massive download (I don’t really clean or organize my e-mails).

The other tricky bit was Time Machine. I wanted to just plug it in to the new laptop and have it resume where it left off. No dice. I even tried to change the MAC address based on this Mac OS X Hints article and that did nothing.

I did find out that option-clicking on the Time Machine icon allows one to access other Time Machine’s on the give disk. This let me go into my Powerbook’s TIme Machine, delete some things taking up space and start a whole new Time Machine for my MacBook Pro. The only disadvantage of this system is that the Powerbook backups will not be deleted to make room so I need to keep an eye on it myself.

So far nothing was missed, then again I tended to keep an organized system to begin with, no personal documents outside the User file except for some save games in the applications folder.

We will see in a week or so if anything critical was left behind.

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Airplane Shuffle

I got a lot of nice photos in Boston, if I only remembered building names.

I got a lot of nice photos in Boston, if I only remembered building names.

Both the start and end of my spring break trip had a bit of shuffling.

On the initial red eye flight out to Boston from LA I was stuck in a middle seat before the delicate dance of reorganization began. Two people behind me wanted to sit with their friend located six rows behind them. Eventually they sought to switch the man next to me (he was at the window) just one row back, move their far back friend into my spot and the person to my right into the middle behind me. I don’t know how the third person worked but I was able to switch into the back on a window seat. And that window acted as the best pillow ever allowing me to sleep from take off to sunrise a few hours later.

The return journey did not have an internal shuffling rather external shuffles. I was scheduled to fly from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, however it snowed the night before and Chicago was backing up. So at the check in counter (this is on United) I was offered an alternative route. So I switched to a late flight to Denver, then a few hours there to an upgraded (economy plus) flight to LA and finally my original flight to Santa Barbara.

But when I landed in Denver I noticed a flight to LAX boarding as I landed. I rushed down thirty or so gates and two automated walkways to the gate and managed to get on right as they finished boarding. After this serendipitous adventure I hoped to get a standby flight at LAX to avoid waiting there for four and half hours.

That did not pan out and I sat in various standby gates until my initially scheduled flight. It may have been faster to jog from LAX to Santa Barbara.

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