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Complex tasks require us to start at the beginning.

The drive home was a bit longer then normal. There was noticeable traffic after Prunedale passing the swap meet at Disneyena then again several miles from the 101/85 junction due to an accident. This last one caused the freeway to stop, we got out and walked around a bit, enjoyed the scenery.

Now that I am home I have the daunting task of unpacking a year and a rooms worth of belongings into a room already filled with stuff.

I am trying to start with clearing a path to all parts of the room, currently the doorway is a bit full and a corner is packed. Once that is done my goal is to use this as an opportunity to downsize my belongings by giving away some old clothes, throwing out some old papers (recycling actually) and perhaps sell some of my books. Also I want to clean my room to the point where I can put everything away without piles on the floor.

The goal being to be able to fit all of my stuff comfortably into one car so when I move up to Seattle I can do it without any sort of trailer or shipping.

This is one of my monumental tasks of the summer.

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