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Day 1 of Rain: rained on twice, saw sunlight once (indirectly).

Day 1 of Rain: rained on twice, saw sunlight once (indirectly).

Today I interviewed with Exxon Mobil, or more accurately I interviewed with a recruiter from one of the Exxon Mobil research groups. He was mostly interested in those with a few years of grad school completely and more towards the geology of things. I just wanted to interview as practice and see if there was a possibility of jobs in my future.

Looks like a no. I was essentially told that a PhD in Space Science has little or no place in Exxon Mobil unless it is through transferring what I learn to a semi-related field like combustion research.

Combustion and space plasma are not quite as similar as one would hope. I think this effectively crushes my dream of selling out to the man. I will be forced by societal pressure to take a job at a University, NASA, a private space company or a start-up of some sort. No large corporation with career track job for me.

At least I got a free dinner, a USB light, a 10x rock magnifying glass and a small card listing the geological periods. All (except the dinner) nicely logo’ed with Exxon Mobil. Exciting times.

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