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We need to start building up to terraforming slowly.

We need to start building up to terraforming slowly.

I think that we can fix Venus to make it habitable and even pleasant.

The current problems are the run-away green house gases, the lack of a habitable temperature range, the inability for the planet to keep water and it is kind of far away.

A simple solution: hit it with an asteroid.

If an asteroid (mostly water) is taken from the asteroid belt and accelerated into Venus (in Venus’ orbit) we can speed up the planet and thereby give it a larger orbit. At a larger orbit it will have a temperature closer to Earth and it will be able to retain water on the surface.

The impact will also likely destroy the current atmosphere and perhaps liquify the surface, hopefully jump starting plate tectonics and allows oceans to form (once it cools).

The best place to put it would be slight closer to or farther from the sun than Earth. We don’t want to collide with it and we don’t want it in our orbit exactly. Once it is in a stable position we can add more water through smaller asteroids or collisions that are relatively slow. Also we can add asteroid as a moon if needed.

We just need an effective asteroid moving system as well as some good long term planning.

Good idea or great idea?

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