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Taken with a Lensbaby (which I have not used in a long time)


Well I wanted to make a poll for this post however it requires creating an account with a sister website to WordPress and I don’t feel up to that.

I was going to ask why people come to this site, it is something that I have always wondered about and now I am thinking of restructuring how I do things I would like to know what is actually valuable.

I am reconsidering the photo+text for every entry and may go for text only for some or photos only for others. I also need to reevaluate the once a day posting. I don’t know if I have the time for it anymore, at least not as a last minute thing at the end of the day.

I wonder this because I seem to consistently get about fifty or so visitors to the site everyday but the top posts are never the ones I write during the week. Either this is from the way that wordpress calculates the hits per post (such as viewing the main page does not count as a hit for a particular page) or only a few things I have written are ever read.

Hence the desire to have a poll. It is sort of just the desire to have some grasp on the statistics more so then a need to see what is popular.

The sample size would be too low anyway.

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He's happy for one year of Walk the Grass

He's happy for one year of Walk the Grass

Today marks the one year anniversary of Walk the Grass.

Whew, one post a day for a whole year and I am still here. I am glad that I have been able to stay dedicated to writing a little bit each day and this blog has motivated me to go take photos as I hoped it would. It also adds some slight structure to every day, keeps me creative and forces me to take a break from whatever I am doing.

Two things have consistently surprised me while writing for the last year:

  1. The popular posts are never the ones that I think will be popular.
  2. People are consistently reading what I write.

Well I assume that it is what I am writing, it could very well just be the photos that draw people to my posts. Either way it is good feeling to know that your creative works are being shared with others.

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The bike rack successfully keeps the lagoon locked up.

The bike rack successfully keeps the lagoon locked up.

Last week this blog managed to get slightly over one hundred visits in one day!

I know this because I am horribly addicted to any live statistics given to me for free, especially ones relating to myself. I periodically (maybe once or twice a day) check to see how many visits Walk the Grass has received for no other reason then the numbers are there.

The one thing I would love to know is the why behind the number of visits in a given day. Are they random searched showing up here just once? Regularly readers coming everyday? Or strange linkages across the internet?

Most importantly I would like to know why people read this blog, for the daily pictures, the content or one of the few popular posts I have written?

In case you are wondering about the last one it is my post on the Think Tank Streetwalker which has garnered almost 1,500 views since writing it.

Based on the stats I should do more articles on ThinkTank Photo gear, Photomatix Pro and GeekTools. Hopefully over the summer I can do the first two (I will probably work this summer at ThinkTank again) and I may do the last if I get a new laptop that won’t be bogged down by GeekTools.

Anyway, 101 visits in a single day, neat.

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100th Post!


The Humanities and Social Science Building at UCSB.

The Humanities and Social Science Building at UCSB.

Woo! My one-hundredth post!

I have managed to keep posting one entry a day for a hundred days. If I had a goal this might have been it, except that I did not set a final goal. I will keep on posting once a day to have a creative outlet and motivation to take and work on my photos.

I am sure someday Walk The Grass may help me in some way, until then I will keep posting photos and entries.

After a hundred posts, my goal is now to keep it up for as long as I can.

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I like signs.

I like signs.

So I have changed the name of the blog. Instead of Hutchins Travel it is now (as you can see) Walk the Grass. The name was inspired by the above sign I saw in a Dutch tulip garden and since I love signs that are grammatically incorrect.

When coming up with the new name I originally wanted to find something deep and meaningful that would say alot about me as a person in a pithy phrase. I then realized that my blog is nowhere near deep and meaningful and mostly borders on ramblings and thoughts of the day. So maybe an obscure line of poetry perhaps, e. e. cummings or Lewis Carrol. Again nothing came of it that sounded like something I could write under. I tried alliteration as that is a good avenue in a pinch. Once again nothing suited. My last bastion of hope before turning to Walk the Grass, puns. As a physics student I do enjoy a good pun, but nothing would work in the name of my blog. So I went with the current name after thinking about one of my favorite signs.

The original name was always a place holder anyway, when I formed the blog a month and a half ago I knew what I wanted to put into the blog but not what to call it. Initially it was to be all about travel and hence the original name, now I find myself topically varied and without a core theme to my articles. Thus the name change. Some of the rejected names were: Grandiloquent by Design, Creativity by Constraint and Obsequious and Oblong. These sounded great in my head, the moment I said them aloud to someone else I realized that they would not do.

I also just finished studying for the GRE (taking it next Tuesday) and so I had all this new vocab rattling around in my head looking a way to escape. I hope the new name fits better then the old one, I am looking into updating the header picture as well.

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