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Watchmen Again

A +3 macro filter does nothing but taunt me towards a dedicated macro lens.

A +3 macro filter does nothing but taunt me towards a dedicated macro lens.

I just finished watching Watchmen for the second time (hence a later post). In between viewings of the movie I read the graphic novel just to see how the movie varied from the graphic novel. And also so I could weigh in on any debates about which was better.

The movie leaves out several of the subplots and running themes of the novel however I feel that this omission does not detract from the movie. Also the altered ending is more fitting for 2009 as the original is probably more fitting for 1985 (though I cannot say, I was not there). There is just one line from the novel that I feel should have been in the movie and that is the last line Veidt says to Dr. Manhattan.

I must admit that on the second viewing the movie did seem a little long in the middle and since I watched it with my parents who had no idea what it was about I was able to get their opinions. Mostly they did not feel that the movie was going anywhere or that it was coherent.

In the end it is a good movie, though I do not know if it is one that a person could watch and re-watch several times.

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Watch the Watchmen

Edinburgh University School of Divinity.

Edinburgh University School of Divinity.

Until I heard the hype regarding the movie with articles discussing accuracy in regards to the book and even the science behind it I had not heard of Watchmen. Last night I went to see it in theaters without reading any of the reviews or even seeing a single trailer. All I knew about the film was from the introductory paragraphs from the Wikipedia article on the graphic novel as well as the plethora of article titles that are out there.

For those who have not heard of it is about an alternative history earth with comic book heroes. While following a murder plot amid threat of total global war between the USSR and USA an underlying theme is the exploration of the superhero.

I do not know how the original graphic novel version ended but I liked the ending and found it original in comparison to other recent superhero films. What I loved about the story was that the plot concluded; no open ended threads for a potentially endless slough of sequels.

My favorite part has to be the opening sequence that gives the backstory of the alternative USA from the 40’s to the 80’s.

The soundtrack to the movie is probably one of the strangest soundtracks given the content of the film, not to say it does not fit or even distract; it is just strange.

I would recommend going to watch Watchmen.

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