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Front page color rendition is off.

Front page color rendition is off.

Two things have been bothering me about the way that WordPress handles embedded files.

The first is that whenever I start a post off with a full width photo (so all of my posts) Worpress adds an extra line at the top after I publish them. I can go back and delete the line if I edit a posted entry but there is no way to correct this before publishing.

The second is the image quality itself. When a photo is in the post the color rendition and sharpness is altered. It may just be my particular computer (G4 Powerbook) but this problem occurs in several browsers. When I click on a photo and it opens in its own window then the color and sharpness is restored. Maybe it is just me.

If anyone knows how to fix either of these, especially the photo quality one, please let me know.

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