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Looking south down the Sonoma Coast

Looking south down the Sonoma Coast


I started with a list of 39 graduate schools to look into, after slashing that list down based on general principles (website design, research areas, location) I made it down to around twelve. From that twelve I have narrowed it down to my final eight. Well final with the caveat that I can always add or remove schools until the deadline. So not really final. More like the top eight including the top four who will receive my GRE and Physics GRE through the free four universities I get to choose to send it out too.

Anyway here are the eight I am considering (in no particular order, well alphabetical I suppose):

My favorite of these is of course the one that accepts me.

As for the photo, it was taken yesterday (same day I did the redwood one) on top of a hill on the Sonoma County Coast, just south of Jenner and the mouth of the Russian River. It was seven exposures at f/29 since I wanted a longer shutter speed for smoother waves. Again I processed in Photomatix to get the HDR effect. One problem I have noticed with HDR (it could be I don’t have enough experience) is that it can make the sunniest day, this photo being about 2pm in the middle of summer, look dark and gloomy. Especially in the middle.

I will either need to work on that or just take coaster photos at the beginning or end of the day.

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