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Keep Driving

Keep Driving

Like many people my age (twenty by the way) I have yet acquire my drivers license. So for the past few summers I have been getting my license. Every summer I start off with the arduous goal of practicing all summer and getting it by the end. Since habit is hard to break I have been doing the same this summer.

Except now I feel I am actually ready to take the test. I thought I heard somewhere that you need to make an appointment a bit before hand, so I checked the website. Both of the local DMV’s were completely booked. So I checked another sort of nearby. It was booked until September 26th. I go back to Santa Barbara on the 19th.

It is a DMV website, I assumed that it is not that up to date so I called to get an appointment. After some pleasant elevator music I found out something I did not want to hear. They were actually all booked to the end of September. I asked for the nearest available appointment – Fairfield. About sixty miles away.

I suppose if I fail I can try again on Winter break, then Spring break and then summer again. It is not like I need my drivers license, I just cleaned and tuned my bike.

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